Residential Community

picture of waysmeet residents

Spring 2016 Residential Community

The Waysmeet Campus Center located at 15 Mill Road in downtown Durham has six private rooms. Each academic year, students live at Waysmeet as an “Intentional Community.” That is, they agree to live together committed to the following principles:

  • To treat each other with respect, dignity, compassion and kindness.
  • To agree to share equally in the household community, from chores to purchase of common materials.
  • To deal with any conflict situations in compassionate and productive ways designed to provide mutually affirming and supporting resolutions to challenges that arise.
  • To participate in regular house meetings (the frequency determined by the particular group and Chaplain).
  • To support and participate in the ministry of hospitality of the United Campus Ministry, by welcoming and greeting all UCM visitors in friendly, polite and respectful ways.
  • To participate in some aspect of the United Campus Ministry in some way comfortable for the individual. That could be through participation in our programs, through service or volunteer work, assisting with care of the facility, and the like.

Each resident has a comfortable private room, and each grouping of four rooms share a bathroom and common hallway. House residents also have their own private kitchen, living rooms and sitting rooms, and complete use of the grounds and common areas of the Waysmeet Center, including Hubbe Hall, for visiting, relaxation, study, recreation, meditation, reading, music, prayer, and so on.

The cost of living at Waysmeet during the academic year is currently $450 per month which includes cable, utilities, heat, electricity, phone, and internet. During the summer, the cost is $350 per month. (Rent amounts are subject to change.) Persons interested in living at Waysmeet are asked to fill out an application form and to interview with the Chaplain and Administrative Director. Room decisions are made in March for the upcoming year. If you have questions, call or e-mail us.

We’ve posted the 2016 Housing Flyer for more information regarding the residential community. If you’re interested in living at Waysmeet, please fill out the 2016 Housing Application and email the completed application to