Waysmeet Summer Challenger 2014

See Jessica Fish explain the many uses of the Wasymeet building, and some of the events that are made possible by fundraising efforts in the community.
The Waysmeet Center is always looking for charitable donations, and any support directly helps The Waysmeet Center and the community it serves!


Cornucopia Food Pantry 2014

The Cornucopia Food Pantry strives to provide fresh, quality foods through food the food rescue program by reaching out to local grocery stores to donate foods that might otherwise go to waste.


Toyota 100 Cars for Good

Cornucopia relies on volunteers to make weekly trips to local food providers. In The Waysmeet Center submission for Toyota 100 Cars for Good, see how volunteer drivers helps supply for the food pantry, deliver food baskets, and keep the organization successful.


Thanksgiving Dinner and Food Baskets 2011

Seasonal Food Baskets are one way The Waysmeet Center strives to spread abundance in the community, and it can’t be done without help from volunteers and donors.
Watch as volunteers from UNH come together to help collect, prepare, and deliver food baskets to those in need.


Cornucopia Food Pantry 2008

Food insecurity is a problem that is always increasing, even in a wealthy area. The difference made by volunteer efforts can be felt, but sometimes unseen.
Through The Waysmeet Center’s events and programs, there are always ways to help. Visit the volunteer page¬†to learn how to get involved!